Aim of OBBA

The primary aim of OBBA then and now is to develop a network between ex-pupils and the school and to help bring development wherever needed in the school. This is made possible particularly when ex-pupils are found in all works of life not only in the country but all over the world. OBBA’s main source of funding is from its membership through subscription and generous donations from individual branches, ex-pupils and friends.

We are currently working on a water project to bring sustainable water supply to the students of Bo School. Please help us accomplish this feat!

History of OBBA

The Old Bo Boys Association (OBBA) was established in 1929 as a result of a circular letter sent by an ex-pupil, Mr. Amadu Wurie (#55) and supported by the then principal of the school, Mr. Vincent F. De Leslie. Mr. De Leslie became its first president and Mr. Amadu Wurie, its first secretary. At Eastertide of 1929, OBBA came together for the first time to reaffirm their devotion to their alma mater and to solicit/pledge funds to further develop the institution.

This initiative was embraced by the Old Boys of the School and led to the foundation of a number of chapters of OBBA both nationally and internationally. In 1953, ex-pupils of the school studying in Britain started a branch of the Association in London. It is still in existence today and it is believed to be the first of its kind established by ex-pupils of any educational institution in West Africa.

Other branches of OBBA have been developed all over the world especially in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and in most states of the USA and Canada.

Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers. Caption: Paramount Chiefs Gathered for the Cornerstone Laying, Bo School (5th from the left, the famous Mende chief, Madame Yoko).

About Us

The Bo Government Secondary School commonly known as The Bo School is a secondary school located on a 13.5 acres property in the center of Bo, the second largest city in Sierra Leone. The school itself is situated in pleasant surroundings and within walking distance of the government hospital, government post office, police station, and the main shopping center of Bo. The school was founded in March 1906 at the behest of the British colonial governor and educationist, Sir Leslie Probyn, to educate the sons of Paramount Chiefs. The Bo School is one of the biggest and most prominent secondary schools in West Africa, and has a long history of developing and producing the most gifted students and elite of Sierra Leone, especially the country’s politicians and famous scholars.

The Bo school is a 100 percent boarding school for boys. The pupils live in the four dormitory buildings (called Towns) on the school’s campus. The four dormitories are called London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Paris respectively; the first three are named after famous cities in England, and the later is named after capital of France. The school’s recreational facilities include a football field, a volleyball court, a basketball court, a lawn tennis court, and a cricket pitch enrich the recreational facilities the school provides. Bo School also maintains a unique tradition of seniority which has consistently augured well for social cohesion among the students. Maggots/Greeners/Rustics are either junior or newer pupils of the school (specifically those with more recent admission numbers). They are expected to always observe all rules of deference association with their positions and comply fully with specific instructions from senior pupils. Bo school has one of the oldest alumni associations in Sierra Leone. The Old Bo Boys Association (OBBA) was formed in 1929. It now has branches all over the world, most prominently in the Washington District of Columbia, United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

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