Bo School/OBBA has made positive contributions to the economic, educational, social and cultural development of Sierra Leone in many ways. This was the message from His Excellency Dr. Siaka P. Stevens, first President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, to members of OBBA on the occasion of the Jubilee celebration in March 1979:

“Bo school has been a trail blazer in the annals of Sierra Leone’s education progress in more ways than one. While serving as a centripetal force for various ethnic groups at a formative level, the school at the same time provided a halo from which surrounding peoples benefited immensely. In the new national system, your role should be even easier. I congratulate members of OBBA on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebration. Much to the pleasure of succeeding generations of administrators, the school has been exerting a wholesome influence disproportionate to its foundation. Indeed the history of Provinces might have been different without the leadership products of the school in chieftaincy and other fields of endeavor. The enviable reputation and distinguished role of your products in nation building should be maintained if the school is to count in the nation’s esteem.”

National leaders have been associated with OBBA since its inception and Presidents and Vice Presidents of the country have actively participated in OBBA celebrations. Presidents Joseph Saidu Momoh and Ahmed Tejan Kabbah also became honorary pupils of the Bo School.
On 13 April 1974, OBBA presented a new library building to the school, the Dr. Drissa Yilla Memorial Library. The Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 1981. The Bo school endowment fund was formally established on 20 April 1984 with a target amount of 1 Million Leones which was to be raised over a period of ten years, 1984-1994.

In 1979, Abu A. Koroma was popularly elected National President of OBBA to succeed Paramount Chief R .B. S. Koker. President A. A. Koroma revived the association and extended its activities to regions throughout the country. When Dr. Sama S. Banya became OBBA National president later, he was able to secure the present marching band for the school, which was indeed a feat and the pride of the school. At the 61st annual meeting of OBBA in April 1990, Alie Dausy Wurie, (#307), started the two classroom building project to be undertaken by OBBA. The buildings were later completed and furnished by the Wurie family. With input from the ministry of education, the buildings were dedicated to the memory of Korthor A. D. Wurie at OBBA 2000. In March 2000, a new national executive was elected with [late] Hon. A. O. Bangura as president succeeding Dr. S. S. Banya. A new Board of Governors was constituted with Dr. T. O. Matturi as chairman succeeding Dr Momodu Yilla in January 2001. Mr. Raymond Bob Katta was appointed principal of the school to succeed the longest serving principal in the history of the school, Mr. Festus M. Seiwoh, whose term was 1978-2000. Bo school was 100 years in 2006.

– Manners Maketh Man